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The Secrets Of Dumbledore [being gay] Are Still Secrets In China



Hollywood has made an absolute kiniption of a fuss over a Florida piece of legislation that ensures parental consent of all sex education including gender identity before grade 3. They’re calling this practical safeguard the “don’t say gay” bill even though there is 0 reference to any censorship of words. 

But you know where you really can’t say gay? China. Seems like Hollywood is really worried about forcing Disney to be the gay scapegoat in Florida where there is absolutely no ban on homosexuality or the word “gay” but not as worried about it when a billion people are impacted by it. 

Warner Brothers chose money over protecting the integrity and the homosexuality of their character by cutting all references to Dumbledore’s love affair with a same-sex wizard at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party in order to be allowed to release the movie in China. 

And they aren’t alone. Disney routinely censors and alters content to meet China’s standards including any references to homosexuality, minority races or – you know – freedom. Disney even went so far as to film in the region where China is currently committing racial genocide and thanked the region’s government in their credits. 

I wonder if Disney took a brave stand against the Chinese Communist Party in Shanghai where violence against LGBT people is 100% legal and LGBT couples cannot marry, head households or adopt children? Or do they just continue to operate and make money not caring or even pushing back in the slightest? (Spoiler: it’s the latter). 

So I guess for Hollywood it’s only bad to make sure parents are aware of their 7-year-olds learning about sexuality. It’s not bad if entire governments ban the practice altogether. Fine to make money off of those restrictions.