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BREAKING: Biden DOJ Is Fighting To Keep Americans MASKED UP



Unable to suffer the loss of even a small amount of grip around the necks of the American people, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has asked the Department of Justice (DOJ) to appeal the recent ruling which stated the CDC never had the authority to implement any mask mandates and overturned the standing transportation mandate. 

Following the federal court ruling against the CDC’s tedious and overplayed transportation mask mandate, liberals across the country screamed into the void, terrified that their lack of ability to control others would cause them grave harm. They seem to continue to be completely unaware that they can and (could always) wear a mask of any kind any time. They could wear 3 masks if they wanted. 

It is unclear how quickly this appeal will be heard and in what jurisdiction at this time. Free Pree Fail will keep you updated on all the unfolding developments regarding mask mandates and mass hysteria.