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May the odds be ever in your favor: the Met Gala’s best, worst and weirdest



The annual Met Gala at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is considered the most exclusive event in the country with only the most wealthy, powerful and elite in attendance. The whole thing, once a celebration of fashion as art, has become a bit of a dystopian class nightmare summoning images of the Capital in the Hunger Games series. 

The party is at minimum 90% liberals and serves as a point of proof that insane wealth, greed and glibness comes not from the working upper middle class and occasional tech billionaire the left so deeply revile, but from themselves. 

That being said, fashion is actually art and it can be fun! Plus it’s fun to judge rich people on their outfits cause what else do we have over them? 

At least the theme this year was about America, “gilded glamor” asking attendees to reference the gilded age of America which was the 1870s and 1880s when the American dream was thriving at its fullest. Think Rockefellers, railroad, baseball, bustles, ruffles, rich fabrics, golden everything, jewels, electricity, etc. 

Here are the best, worst and weirdest looks from the Met Gala: 

  1. Best: Blake Lively referencing Statue of Liberty 

Blake Lively (actress known for Gossip Girl) managed to pick an outfit that was on theme in multiple ways and actually beautiful. The statue of liberty was gifted to America in the 1870s and the torch was even on display in central park during the years the rest of the statue was being built. Lady Liberty is made of copper which Lively began with and then when she let down her bustle she revealed a beautiful turquoise like the modern tarnished copper of today. The dress itself was both draped like Lady Liberty but bustled as a reference to the style of the 1870s. Patriotic and pitch perfect. 10/10 for Blake Lively. 

  1. Worst: Hillary Clinton referencing….2003 suburban prom? 

Not only is the gown extremely cheap looking (despite being custom made) and boring but it has nothing to do with the theme. Apparently somewhere on the dress is embroidered the names of women she admires…which has nothing to do with the theme. Girls I went to high school with literally wore this exact dress to prom in middle America in the year 2003. Plus where was her steamer and why is it so wrinkled? 

  1. Weirdest: Ashton Sanders as a denim Vampire 

Ashton Sanders (actor from Moonlight) opted to honor the invention of denim which was during the gilded age in the 1870s but he took it one step further and decided…vampire? The look is very confusing to me. There was a bit of a vampire panic in the mid 1800s because tuberculosis was killing a lot of people and was not diagnosed properly until the 1880s. But still it’s weird. 

  1. Best: Kid Cudi as a vibrant dapper gentleman 

Kid Cudi (musician/rapper) dawned a very on-theme cape which incorporated several elements of the theme and was very attractive. Cornflower blue was a very hot color in 1870 (as were all rich and vibrant colors) and that particular style of floral design was very trendy in interior home decor during the gilded age. Well done Kid Cudi!

  1. Worst: Olivia Rodrigo referencing fairy princess themed nightclub

Olivia Rodrigo (singer) missed the mark. The sparkly purple and the butterflies is very specific to a fairytale or garden theme and is far beyond anything that could possibly be considered “gilded age.” The high cut slit, the platform heels and the gloves give it a sultry spin which makes it seem like the fairy princess is about to lay across a piano and sing some Rosemary Clooney. To be fair, the look by itself would be very pretty and interesting if not for it being so wrong for the venue and theme. 

  1. Weirdest: Dove Cameron referencing, accidentally, electricity 

Dove Cameron (Disney Channel actress and singer) chose this “futuristic dress” which appears to have accidentally referenced one of the most important elements of the gilded age which is the advent of usable electricity. The designer and Dove when asked about inspiration talked about materials and imagining how the future world would interpret “gilded age” (mmmkay) and never mentioned how the iridescent color and the curved, cyclical lines mirror those of an electric current and the early Edison bulb as well as the later Tesla coil. Proving “weird” isn’t always “bad” Cameron is accidentally very on theme with her strange dress. 

  1. Best: Nicki Minaj celebrating the advent of baseball

Other attendees like Kylie Jenner attempted unsuccessfully to reference the invention of America’s pastime (which occurred in the gilded age) but Nicki Minaj (rapper and singer) really hit it out of the park. The leather baseball hat/headband offered a good fitting and modern accessory appropriate to a white tie affair which paid tribute to the iconic baseball hat we all know and love. Further, her feathery tiered dress reference silhouette and style from the era. Her giant belt buckle and bejeweled skin hyperbolized the literal “gilded” nature of the 1870s and the decision to go for all black makes the outfit feel modern and fashionable instead of costume. 10/10 for Nicki Minaj. 

  1. Worst: Kris Jenner honoring first ladies of the 20th century 

Kris Jenner (of Kardashian family fame) chose an elegant reference to Jacky Kennedy and perhaps accidentally Nancy Reagan (who was known for one shoulder looks and draped dresses). While the dress itself is actually very beautiful and different for Jenner, it has absolutely nothing at all to do with the theme which is very rude. Additionally, the gloves are ill fitting and a mistake, making the look too modest. Finally, the flipped out hair isn’t it. Save it for the White House Correspondents Dinner, Kris.

  1. Weirdest: Tommy Dorfman celebrating…ripped latex? Defeated superheroes? 

Tommy Dorfman (actress from 13 Reasons Why) chose a cutout latex dress which was a lot more superhero than it was gilded anything. And not even a good superhero. It was like a superhero who got beaten and their outfit got torn. The look was both bad and not at all on theme. Small amount of points are given because she did wear a tiara that was actually 200 years old and from the correct era which is pretty neat. 

Well there you have it. The best looks from the 75th annual Hunger…I mean 2022 Met Gala. 

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