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I Watched 50 New Movies & Shows In March/April And Here Are The Best And Worst



Yes, Free Press Fail Community, I the Conservative Critic spend the vast majority of my free time-consuming media and since I review it – it’s actually my art and not just me being a lazy homebody sloth. I do it for all of you, really. The difference between me and a couch potato is that I watch most of my content from my bed and also I admit it. 

But I have sifted through the content and I have come out the other side to give you some of the best and worst of all the new stuff I’ve seen the past couple of months. 

Reminder: By “new” I mean new to me not necessarily new to everyone. 

Best: Life and Beth 

Amy Schumer’s semi-autobiographical dramedy is at once charming, thoughtful and relatable. The show celebrates the pastoral and embraces the imperfections of both man and woman without putting either down. 

Worst: Cheaper By the Dozen (2022) 

Also featured on my list of wokest garbage on Disney+, even liberal critics hated this drivel. This movie didn’t know if it was a racial commentary, a comedy or a marriage drama. It handled none of the many themes well. 

Best: Last Kingdom (Season 5) 

The final season in the series provided a ton of action, intrigue and heart. Familiar characters returned, the storyline progressed to a meaningful but not altogether predictable conclusion and fans will have the kind of closure they deserved in Game of Thrones. Destiny is all! 

Worst: Free Guy 

Free Guy is charmless drivel more about the politics of code origination than a sentient non-played character on an adventure. The film didn’t spend time on either idea and thought it was a lot cuter and funnier than it really was. Someone explain how this is not just Wreck it Ralph (which I also hated). 

Aside: The only video game movie I have ever liked (that I recall) is the Angelina version of Tomb Raider. Someone needs to take the helm at crossing these video worlds over. If people can make real life teen murder good, someone ostencibly can make an RPG into something palatable. 

Biggest Surprise: Is It Cake? 

Is It Cake?  is a show on Netflix that is literally about guessing whether or not objects are truly as they appear or actually made of cake. It may sound stupid and boring but actually, it’s just stupid. There is a baking element and hilariously intense celebrity guessers. It manages to be sort of fun actually. I really get into guessing whether or not stuff is cake.

There you have it! Those are some of my faves and least faves. I’ll be back with more as I continue on my noble journey to get my streaming money’s worth.

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