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BREAKING: Dem Baby Killers Introduce A Bill Doomed To Fail…On Purpose?



The democrats in the Senate are holding a vote today on a bill which would ensure all babies can be killed at any time. Senator Blumenthal (a white man in case anyone was tracking the dem rhetoric) introduced a bill which says that states cannot make any restrictions, safety regulations or oversight on abortion clinics or abortion services whatsoever. This means that a state couldn’t limit abortions to exclude late term or partial birth, require a provider to be credentialed, restrict abortions from being performed somehow over the internet, or ensure the safety of a woman pursuing an abortion. 

This measure goes far beyond the precedent of Roe V. Wade which simply constitutes abortion as a basic right under the assumption of privacy but definitely allows for states to make their own rules regarding abortion restrictions so long as they do not impede the final act of abortion (for example, under Roe most states have a limit to late term abortions and some require physical examinations prior to the procedure etc.). 

But the trick is: the lefties in power don’t even want it to pass (not that the progressives and their voters aren’t desperate to kill some babies). But if it passes – what would they manipulate people with and fundraise on? It is clear that the left intentionally wrote this bill to be too broad so that their “swing” voter, Senator Manchin, would vote no and ensure it did not pass. They also had to make sure their “Republican” cuck allies like Senators Romney, Collins and Murkowski didn’t swing over to their side and accidentally push the measure across the finish line. The left needs a big bad wolf on the right and the only one they have, considering they are responsible for the catastrophic foreign and domestic policy Americans are currently suffering, is the big bad wolf coming to make women into handmaidens (the drama, I swear). 

Whether this vote fails or succeeds (it will fail) more black babies will die in liberal strongholds than are born this year thanks to progressives refusing to place value on human life.