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Lefties finally taking supply chain issues seriously now that a California progressive noticed it



For many months now America has been suffering in a major case of inflation and a massive supply chain crisis. For those many months, the Biden administration has flatly denied the supply chain conditions and their cronies in the leftist media have blithely dismissed the pinch on American household budgets. From Jen Psaki telling Americans to just “have a margarita” to get over the concern with feeding their families and heating/cooling their homes  to major news outlets suggesting Americans just “go without” certain foods to resolve their grocery needs, to Party mouthpiece, Brian Stelter deciding because HE has milk there is plenty to be had: it is very clear the left either does not know the plight they’ve caused average Americans or they have refused to know.

Enter Democrat Congresswoman Katie Porter from California. A self proclaimed progressive, Porter gave an emotional speech to her colleagues in Congress recounting her own family budgeting issues with the skyrocketing cost of groceries. Porter relayed a small example of her own financial concerns when she went to the grocery store to feed her two children as a single mom and placed bacon (a household staple for many) in her cart before realizing the price had skyrocketed to about $10 a pound. She placed the bacon back on the shelf. 

While members of Congress aren’t necessarily compensated like full-on kings, especially in a California economy (though still more than twice the national average), Porter is aware that her family is doing better than a lot of families. The democrats seem to have sobered with this story and the media is now reporting – oh wow maybe there is a supply chain and inflation issue which is significantly harming American families.

It’s as if Americans haven’t been telling them this was a problem since at the very least fall of 2021 if not sooner. It’s as if conservative media hasn’t been covering this for months. The democrats have finally heard from one of their own and why are they listening now? Not because they care at all that families are struggling, but because people don’t care about abortion as much as they hoped and they are going to lose the midterms bigly. 

That’s right. Porter didn’t make her appeal to her colleagues because she was so deeply worried about her constituents. Democrats weren’t emotional over kids going without protein and basic staples. It was because she believed her colleagues were missing the most important issue of the election. She said that a colleague had told her that the supply chain and inflation issue wasn’t showing up in the democratic polling and she was worried that they weren’t asking the right question of voters. So its not so much that she or her friends on the left want us to stop going without – its that she wants us her team to shift focus away from idiotic pro-choice ventures and convince Americans they’re the party of economic security so they can keep power.