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WOW! Leftist Lord of Chicago Tweets A LITERAL CALL TO ARMS To Take Out Conservatives 



The Mayor of Chicago and the most likely American politician to be possessed by an evil Wizard, Lori Lightfoot, tweeted on May 9 a literal call to arms against Supreme Court Justices. As of about 1:00 pm ET on May 10, the tweet is still up on Twitter, and Lightfoot has not been penalized. 

It’s not necessarily that I think Lori the Lefty should be penalized for her tweet because speech can never be violent and should be kept free. However, it’s that clearly a call to arms is a flagrant violation of Twitter’s allegedly nonpartisan rules against threats of violence or vague language which could “incite violence” and also their rules regarding “civic integrity.” A call to arms is quite literally a call to insurrection. In the case of this tweet and this truly horrifying woman I really can’t tell if her intention was colloquial or actually to call individuals to arm themselves and do harm to conservatives and SCOTUS justices. 

So not only does the existence of this tweet and lack of ban of Lightfoot prove the bias of twitter’s censorship czars but it also proves the total hypocrisy of the progressive left who has called for the execution of rioters at Jan 6 and has blamed politicians like Ted Cruz who said nothing remotely close to a call to arms for the riot. Where are these progressives now calling for Lightfoot to be investigated and impeached?

Additionally, it’s just a totally inappropriate and typical thing for a Chicago political thug to say out loud clearly forgetting that she should pretend she has consequences for any of her actions. The Supreme Court of the United States is an equal branch of the federal government and calling to physically fight them in some way is unprofessional and unbecoming of a Mayor of one of America’s largest cities. Especially when the people of her city will have the power to express their voices through a vote to determine their access to fetal murder. 

Finally, I love how somehow a ruling about pregnancy is being made about the LGBT community. There is no ruling or pending ruling or consideration of any kind going on about the LGBT community. It’s an absolute fantasy and also a hilarious example how the LGBT community cannot ever let the feminist community have a moment (fine with me, please fight amongst yourselves).