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WOW! Is The Media FLAT OUT LYING About Biden’s Baby Formula Shortage?



In recent months, America has experienced a crisis-level shortage of baby formula. Parents all over the country are seeing empty shelves everywhere, with more than 40% of stores TOTALLY SOLD OUT.

This all started when the Biden FDA falsely linked a baby formula company, Abbott Nutrition, to a deadly bacteria linked to the death of two children. The CDC actually cleared the company of wrongdoing and found no link, but that didn’t stop our government from shutting the factory down and starving American babies. Probably in an effort to prop up trial lawyers. 

You won’t hear about that in the mainstream news at all. 

What you will hear is some nonsense that REPUBLICANS BLOCKED FUNDING FOR BABY FOOD.

That is a complete lie. Of course, the media knows that, but they really don’t care. 

But here’s what really happened. 

Congress voted on TWO bills. One provided $28 million in unspecified spending for the FDA. It is worth noting that…

  • the FDA is largely to blame for this crisis in the first place
  • the FDA does not produce baby formula or sell baby formula
  • the FDA does not have access to any formula because – Again, thanks to them – there is no formula to be found!

Of course Republicans voted against that. It was a slush fund for inept bureaucrats. 

However – there was a second bill that actually managed to address some parts of the crisis. The Access To Formula Act increased the amount and types of formula available to those on government benefits like WIC. (They’ve been hit hardest considering their funds mostly cover the formulas that are no longer on the shelves.)

Any outlet claiming Republicans voted AGAINST BABY FORMULA or AGAINST BABIES is a blatant lie.

Is it too much to ask that our media provides even the tiniest bit of truth in a literal crisis?

Don’t answer that. 

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