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We ARE Ultra MAGA And Long Live The MAGA King!



Recently Joe Biden referred to President Trump as the “MAGA King” seemingly as some kind of slight or insult (but like…how?). President Trump obviously loved the moniker as we all do and even posted memes about it on his Truth Social. 

But that’s not the only new superhero name our MAGA Squad has been given. The other day Joe Biden referred to those of us passionate about freedom, peace, and economic stability (and who support President Trump) as “Ultra Maga”) and a reporter even asked Rep. Elise Stefanik (a reformed RINO and current Trump endorsed rising star) about it and she, obviously, was proud to have the nickname. 

An upgrade from “deplorables,” as pointed out by Arizona Governor Candidate Kari Lake (endorsed by Trump), Ultra MAGA will certainly be the rally cry of the summer. 

When crisis abounds, when the stock market is spiraling to the brink of extinction, when household staples like baby formula, milk, and fresh fruit are too expensive for even middle-income earners to afford, when free speech is being taken away and the ministry of truth implemented, when liberty is at its greatest risk and when war sprouts up across the world: who will be there?