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Earlier this week, Biden very enthusiastically declared that he “is not about taking away anyone’s guns.”

That was apparently a lie, because today the White House announced their plan to do just that!

Here are the details of Biden’s proposal:

  • A complete ban on “assault weapons”
  • Ban on “high capacity” magazines (anything over 10)
  • Seemingly random “safe storage” provisions to control how you store your own gun in your own home
  • Red flag laws that restrict your 2nd Amendment without due process
  • Holding gun manufacturers liable for crimes committed with their product because personal responsibility 
  • Strengthening background checks somehow even though we have required background checks already?

He also stated that, if an assault weapons ban doesn’t pass, he wants the minimum age to buy a firearm raised to 21.

This is absolutely a GUN GRAB. One of the clearest attempts we’ve ever seen. And with more Americans purchasing weapons than ever before – it’s going to be a tough battle between big gov and citizens who still believe our Constitution is the law of the land. 

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