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BREAKING: Woke Disney Weighs In On Abortion! Did They Go TOO FAR?



Disney has announced it will pay for its employees to travel if they are looking to terminate a pregnancy and they live in a state where abortions are not legal at their phase of pregnancy.

On June 24, 2022 the Supreme Court of the United States struck down Roe V. Wade, reversing the constitutional right of abortion and leaving it to states to determine restrictions (or lack thereof) regarding abortion procedures. Upon the ruling, the abortion policies across the country became different in each state -much like almost all medical policies.  

Of course the minute the Supreme Court of the United States made a decision that progressives didn’t like, Disney had to be there with a rebuttal since they no longer care about keeping the company safe from the cruel division of politics (Walt is rolling over in his cryo-chamber). 

So brave, brave Disney has joined a swell of other oh so selfless companies so happy to have female employees eliminating any potential costly distraction from their jobs. After all, to their credit, Disney does appear to offer a fairly comprehensive array of maternity and paternity benefits including leave, on-site daycare and even fertility benefits. 

But in the end, isn’t it cheaper and more convenient for Disney to keep their employees childless and focused? No wonder they’re pushing their self-titled “gay agenda.” The less pregnancies Disney has to deal with and pay-for the better for the company. 

So now Disney employees – the vast majority of which live in California or Florida where abortions are still legal – can get a free ticket to kill their child thanks to the benevolence of the woke corporation. 

Meanwhile Disney is down 48% in earnings from last year and below the mark from peak pandemic (hard to do honestly a little impressive), its stocks have gone down 47% since last year and it missed its modest Q2 projection by almost 10%. The company is down 33,000 employees and is in the middle of its greatest PR catastrophe in 100 years (and this is a company who once had a child eaten by an alligator on its property) and embroiled in a heated battle with the people of Florida and their elected representatives over their special management district. Not to mention their big summer movie starring one of its most recognizable franchise characters is a massive box office flop thanks almost exclusively to Disney’s insistence on inserting progressive political agendas into inappropriately matched content (its fine and great to have gay characters but we can tell when you added a random scene just to create controversy we aren’t stupid).  

But yeah airplane tickets for abortions are definitely going to help turn it all around.

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