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Liberals Prove They Know NOTHING About Abortion With The 5 Dumbest Roe Protests in America



As you know, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe V. Wade on June 24, 2022. Enter progressive screeching. Across the country, protests popped up in the most conservative strongholds where abortion is restricted or likely to….oh no wait sorry they popped up in the most liberal states where abortion is extremely legal. 

Demonstrating the depth of their lack of understanding of how the constitution works and the practical impact of Roe, liberals across the country flocked to the streets of their liberal cities demanding access to abortions…which they still have (unfortunately for the lives which will be ended). Politico has a handy drop-down menu for states status of abortion policies including “likely” changes. Click here to see how dumb all the protestors are.

Here are the dumbest and most pointless protests from this weekend: 

  1. These bozos in not only New York but New York City 

The women of New York have literally never needed the 1973 Roe V. Wade decision to get an abortion. They’ve had the legal right since three years before and the good people of New York City actually pay their hard earned tax dollars to terminate little low-income lives. So I’m not really sure what these pro-deathers are crying about. 

  1. These absolute clowns on the freeway in Los Angeles, California 

California has long led the country in baby killing policies. Conservative favorite, Ronald Reagan, was actually the most progressive Governor (and possibly most influential lawmaker) on abortion and passed one of the first laws in the country which standardized abortion rights in 1967 (Roe V. Wade was decided in 1973). Since then California has only furthered the baby death agenda and now even mandates that any college student seeking a non-surgical abortion must be provided with their miscarriage inducing medication at the cost of the tax-payers. Abortions in California don’t even have to be performed by doctors. These pro-death marchers are literally opposing nothing.

  1. These soggy (probably) screamers in Seattle, Washington 

Washington has long been one of the most progressive abortions states in the country. The laws on the books today allowing baby death are primarily passed by ballot initiative meaning they are nearly impossible to repeal. But true to their reputation, pesky details like reality didn’t stop the rabid protestors of Seattle (recall CHAZ). These baby death enthusiasts will turn out to any protests regardless of need! 

  1. These geniuses in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago, Illinois

Illinois progressives rested on the security of Roe V. Wade for many decades but in 2019 pre-empted the 2022 overturn by codifying their policies which allow for abortions all the way to “viability” which could be as late as 28 weeks. Illinois is also one of the only states which pays for abortions for low-income women through the Medicaid fund. Lori Lightfoot is so generous that she is even granting these pro-deathers the requirement to pay for abortions for people who don’t even live or pay for services in Chicago (or Illinois)! So maybe these members of the Chicago baby killing club are just outside to celebrate all their freedom to murder.

  1. Tribal elder, Elizabeth Warren and the protestors of Boston, Massachusetts

Massachusetts has extremely liberal abortion laws which not only take the voice away from babies but also make sure that no dissenting voices can be heard near where the babies are being killed. Pro-death protestors are allowed to be wherever they want be it in front of churches, be it federal buildings, be it in front of the homes of judges and lawmakers but pro-life protestors have restrictions. And yet Elizabeth Warren feels the need to lead marchers to the streets. 

There you have it. The biggest and most boisterous protests in the country against the Roe decision are in states who love nothing more than to kill babies. Keep on fighting the good fight lefties! You don’t look pointless and protest hungry at all. 

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