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BREAKING: Did Eric Swalwell really just compare a Member of Congress to a mass shooter?



The day after Independence Day (when we all celebrate the freedom from tyranny that we gained by owning weapons as private citizens) and the day after a shooting in a suburb of Texas, Eric Swalwell decided to take to twitter and compare a sitting member of Congress to a murderer simply for holding a gun – legally – on camera. 

But don’t worry, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, the target of his extremely sexist attack (lots of male members are gun enthusiasts but for some reason, the left seems to only have a problem with the women), was ready with the clap-back. 

Boebert tweeted an image that draws a straight line between Swalwell, his alleged girlfriend, and alleged Chinese spy Fang Fang and the Chinese government. 

A lot of conservatives on Twitter were quick with the comebacks and most of the RTs, comments and shares came from conservatives defending Boebert and blasting Swalwell as the moron he is. 

Swalwell also made attacks on Congresswoman Margery Taylor Green for her support of American’s right to bear arms (as is directly expressed in the constitution). 

Again, Swalwell seems to mainly have a problem with women exercising their rights and doesn’t seem to feel the need to bully other men about it. Maybe he’s still hurt over the break up with Fang Fang?

Beyond his clear and present sexism it’s pretty racist that Eric Swallwell only has something to say about gun control in Chicago when the shooting happened in a rich white area. Last year Chicago had about 3,500 shootings which is about 10 per day. About 15 murders per week. It’s also one of the most restrictive states (Illinois) in the nation for gun ownership and Chicago itself is even stricter than the state. 

It seems odd that Eric is drawing a line between Lauren Boebert of Colorado whose district has an extraordinarily low murder rate and Chicago. The line instead should be between all these tragic murders which Eric clearly dismisses and Chicago’s leadership, Mayor Laurie Lightfoot and Governor/Billionaire J.B. Pritzker.