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Would these movies ever have been made if Disney’s Woke leadership had their way? 



Over the July 4th weekend, I like many Americans whose friends were out of town or whose weather didn’t hold out watched a bunch of patriotic movies. Many of mine were found on Disney+ which reminded me that Disney-Gone-Woke is a relatively new phenomenon. 

Their catastrophic new leadership which has managed to lose almost 50% of revenue and generate its greatest crisis of identity in 50 years only took over a couple of years ago. Going through some of the absolute beloved American classic films made under the Disney banner they seem to have a total disconnect with the Disney brand of today.

Here are 10 classic and even iconic films that would never be made under the Wonderful Woke World of modern Disney. 

  1. National Treasure (and sequel)

National Treasure is my go-to patriotic film of choice. The movie is basically just an elaborate history lesson with action music playing behind the lessons. The film shows the deepest and most sincere respect for the founding fathers of America and the process of declaring independence. It makes loving American history cool. The play on words is that the treasure is actually the story of the nation’s founding. There is no way Bob Chapek and his squad of liberal ghoulies would green light this film today. 

  1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 

The first generation of the Avengers MCU franchise was pretty patriotic. But Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the most patriotic of them all. The film takes place primarily in the nation’s capital where the newly invented S.H.E.I.L.D has a plan to basically implement red flag laws with a deadly twist. Captain America stands against these actions even as the villain makes speeches along the lines of “what if it was your children.” Not only does the film feature actual guns and true human vulnerability, it is anti-establishment, anti-red flag law and pro-liberty. 

In this case it’s easily provable that Woke Disney wouldn’t make this film. They created The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in 2021 in the same setting with the same characters but made it about how America sucks. 

  1. Cars

Not only is Cars a major promotion of one of conservative America’s favorite pastimes, NASCAR, it is also a celebration of old fuel guzzling classic vehicles. Electric cars are not the heroes of the story and in fact, the movie features a lot on the joy of driving and open roads. Not exactly a progressive message. One of the core heroes is a “redneck” truck (played by “redneck” comedian Larry the Cable Guy). If Woke Disney made this film today all the villains would be cars with fuel engines and the good guys would all have to be electric and there would be no reference to Route 66 because it’s probably somehow racist. 

  1. Hamilton 

Woke America is always trying to cancel Lin Manuel Miranda for celebrating the founding fathers. As if casting every founding father as a person of color to allow the American story to be reflected in all who live in America isn’t an inspiring and inclusive act. Disney+ bought the rights to Hamilton in 2020 planning to release to theaters in 2021. After the pandemic lock downs they chose to release to their platform but the actual rights purchase came long before the new woke leadership. No way they give a voice to the founding fathers now. Especially not Thomas Jefferson.

  1. Tom and Huck 

Tom and Huck is a take on Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn which have been banned in many liberal schools, ironically considering Mark Twain was an avid abolitionist and civil rights activist. There is no way at all that Woke Disney would allow a movie about a book that their precious teacher’s union and Drag Queen librarians would ban for using bad words. 

  1. The Chronicles of Narnia (and sequels) 

The Chronicles of Narnia is literally a metaphor for salvation in Christ. I don’t think I have to explain further.

  1. The Emperor’s New Groove 

There is no way that modern Woke Disney would allow for a fun and ridiculous romp about Incan culture. A llama played by David Spade up against an evil witch and her simple side-kick is exactly the kind of joyful playfulness that comes from not overthinking every single thing. If this movie was made today it would be a joyless cultural lecture and certainly David Spade, John Goodman and Patrick Warburton would have nothing to do with it. Ertha Kitt could probably stay.

  1. The Greatest Showman 

The Greatest Showman came out about five years ago and already the progressive left wants it canceled because they’ve decided P.T. Barnum was a bad bad man and is defined only by the bad things he did. So there’s no way Disney would have let this absolutely phenomenal musical about accepting differences, found families and the American dream be made now. If progressives don’t like it (arbitrarily or not) neither does Bob Chapek. 

  1. Pocahontas 

Disney would absolutely never allow for Pocahontas to be the first American Disney Princess because they would not want to tell the lovely musical romantic tale of a beautiful native princess (daughter of Chief) falling in love with a colonizer. AINT NO WAY that would happen today. Pocahontas would have no love interest. She’d probably be kidnapped and everyone would die like in real life. 

  1. The Sandlot

A story about boys doing boy things? Yeah right. 

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