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I watched a dozen new Movies and Shows in June and here are the best and worst



I was a little off my pace in June for new content because I guess I had things to do outside my living room or something (I get so active in Summer, it’s really inconvenient for my viewing needs) but I still managed to fit in 30 new pieces of content and I have the best, worst and weirdest for you to check out. 

Best: Obviously Top Gun: Maverick

If you haven’t been to theaters to see Top Gun: Maverick yet, GO! It’s still playing in most locations due to its wild success and popularity. Not only was the film fun and nostalgic without being saccharin or heavy-handed, it was also patriotic and full scale U.S. Department of Defense propaganda. 

Top Gun: Maverick is an early front runner for this year’s Conservative Critic Freedom Award and it’ll be hard to beat.  

Technically I saw this in May but not before my last monthly recap. 

Worst: Ambulance 

The stupidity of this movie – a low speed all day chase of two bank robbers in an ambulance because why?- could have been forgiven if not for its duration and banality. The mainstream critics did not agree with me but I’m telling you this film is Michael Bay’s worst.

Classic: Giant 

I finally saw the classic epic, Giant, starring James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson. The film itself is a little long and meandering but James Dean is really at his absolute finest as a sweet but ambitious cowboy turned drunk oil tycoon with an eye for younger women. He received his second and last Academy Award nominations for the film and had tragically died (crashed while racing cars during the filming) before it was released. Dean broke a lot of ground in the role by being actually drunk while filming a critical crescendo insisting that it would make the scene more truthful (it’s a pretty strong scene). He also was the first actor to be nominated posthumously for an Academy Award for his role in this film.

It’s worth seeing as the classic it is, especially if you’re from Texas which is filmed with breathtaking care and cinematography well before its time. 

Weirdest: God’s Favorite Idiot 

Melissa McCarthy and real life husband Ben Falcone take on the story of an ordinary man apparently chosen by God to ward off evil in the battle for Earth’s collective soul. It’s extremely quirky, quietly funny, a little meandering and I’m not fully sure I grasp what happened or what it’s about after watching all the episodes. It’s widely panned by critics and not well watched so I’m not sure it’ll get a Season 2 but if it does I think I’ll give it a chance just to see where it’s trying to go.

That’s it for June! Back to the couch for more viewing. I do it for you!

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