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Trump Derangement Syndrome

NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW: Is the left’s rally cry becoming more ominous? 



Following the FBI’s raid on President Trump’s home, the left quickly began chirping a chorus of “no one is above the law” to excuse the obviously politically motivated and totally inappropriate action for which so far no one has taken responsibility for or provided an explanation. This ridiculous slogan was quickly batted down by examples of all the times Party loyals have seemed above the law and conservatives were quick to remind Americans that if the FBI can raid a former president’s home with no oversight or recourse, they can do it to any of us. 

Instead of denying the notion that the FBI could be weaponized against any American the left has taken to celebrating this fact. Now they’re saying that the constant threat of harassment by law enforcement is a tenant of American democracy. Democratic Senator from Hawaii, Brian Schatz even went so far as to publicly state he didn’t think the FBI owed the American people an explanation for the raid and that they should not explain themselves. 

Brian Behar, a Hollywood producer ironically behind conservative favorite shows like Fuller House and Last Man Standing, calls America’s concerns “whining” and thinks that that the FBI absolutely should have total authority to raid all our homes for any reason with no expectation of explanation. 

Alex Cole, a Black Lives Matter affiliate, thinks its great and hopes the FBI kicks down his door and doesn’t let his lawyers stay present while they search his home.

So the left has clearly evolved from believing the FBI might be acting legitimately to believing the FBI or other federal law enforcement has absolute authority to at random kick in our doors, go through our stuff and decide if any of it might be illegal. As long as they have a warrant which may or may not have been falsified per their history!

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