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BREAKING: Exactly How MUCH Did Liz Cheney Lose?



On August 16, 2022 Liz Cheney lost her primary bid to retain her seat in Congress representing the people of Wyoming. This came after a controversial last two years of her tenure where she voted against the will of her constituency to impeach President Trump and then not only joined but agreed to co-chair the politically motivated and one-sided witch hunt called the January 6 Committee. She then proceeded to repeatedly insult her voters by calling them things like “dishonorable” and went around begging like a dog to democrats to support her election even though she did not change parties and continued to run as a Republican. 

Liz Cheney was easily bested by Harriet Hageman. How big did Liz Cheney lose? 

Liz Cheney lost by almost 40%

Liz Cheney lost by more votes than she received 

Liz Cheney recruited every democrat she could and still lost

Liz Cheney lost bigger than any other Trump impeachment voter in the GOP and by a lot

Answer: Liz Cheney lost by a lot

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