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Trump Derangement Syndrome

Who Is Sidney Sweeney And Why Did The Left Cancel Her?



Sidney Sweeney, an actor known best for her work in the hit series Euphoria, was canceled by the pearl clutching left for attending her mothers birthday party where someone wore a “blue lives matter t-shirt” and the theme seemed to be “Make Sixty Great Again!” 

That’s right, the mere existence of conservatives is now enough to trigger the left. The fact of a conservative celebrating their own birth in the manner they choose is considered “problematic.”

What’s more ridiculous is that it’s unclear from the photos if the party is sincere or satirical. For all anyone not at the party knows they were actually making fun of Trump supporters. And if they were- who cares? It’s their private party and frankly it would be a funny party idea to theme it “MAGA.” Our side would never try to ruin someone’s life and demand an apology over a theme party (we love a theme). 

Sweeney stood up for herself and her mom, dismissing the haters and laughing them off as the ridiculous morons they are. 

Of course the left couldn’t have this, HOW DARE SHE NOT IMMEDIATELY CAPITULATE AND COMPLY! Doesn’t she know that the subjective feelings of an angry mob are to be bowed to at all times? 

No matter what the situation is for Sweeney, I hope she never apologizes and her and her family live happily with their cute birthday parties that hurt absolutely no one. 

Stay strong Sweeney!

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