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10 Things More Transparent Than The Mar-A-Lago Affidavit Release



A federal judge ordered the release of the FBI affidavit used to secure a warrant to raid the home of their most public and prominent critic and current political adversary of their sitting political boss. The judge allowed for deep redactions which made the entire exercise fairly pointless and proves the FBI believes itself to be above the oversight of the American people. 

In fact, here are 10 things that are more transparent than the FBI Mar-a-Lago affidavit: 

  1. The wall surrounding Bill and Hillary Clinton’s house to keep out illegal visitors 
  1. The fogged up window of Paul Pelosi’s Porsche that he crashed while drunk driving
  1. Anthony Fauci’s mask he wore around his chin at a baseball game no one else was allowed to attend 
  1. The sunglasses on definitely the real Hillary Clinton at 2016 campaign events
  1. The water in Flint, Michigan after 100% democrat city officials switched water supply to a polluted river in order to save money 
  1. The burqas the women of Afghanistan are now required to wear since Joe Biden allowed the Taliban to take over the country 
  1. The bunny costume masking Joe Biden’s chief tormentor and babysitter
  1. The drawn shades on the private jet Taylor Swift uses more than any other jet owner in America despite “concerns” about carbon emissions 
  1. The tent flaps provided by the taxpayers of Gavin Newsome’s beautiful California for their public sponsored homeless encampments while he sends $100,000 to a political campaign 3,000 miles away
  1. The Epstein client list 
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