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BREAKING: The 18 MOST SHOCKING Insights From The Mar-a-lago Affidavit



A federal judge ordered the release of the FBI affidavit justifying their absurdly armed raid into Mar-a-lago, the home of one of their top critics and current political rivals, President Donald Trump. The raid was unprecedented and has never been done to a former President in American history including those who had to resign due to scandal. Being that the move was unprecedented, the American people are owed more than the normal amount of transparency in the FBI’s motivations.

Therefore, the judge ordered the affidavit to be released with ~limited~ redactions. Here are the most explosive and shocking insights Americans have learned from the now public document: 

  1. This juicy detail on page 9
  1. This concerning note on page 10
  1. This important piece of corroborating evidence on page 11
  1. This shocking image from page 12
  1. This airtight argument for action on page 13
  1. This important exchange between federal agencies (or something)  on page 14
  1. This jaw dropping information on page 15
  1. I, for one, am personally shocked by the disclosures on page 16
  1. This confidence inspiring silver bullet on page 18
  1.  Page 20 is truly earth shattering 
  1. The nation may not recover from page 21
  1. I didn’t even know that the stuff on page 23 was possible 
  1. What happened on page 24 is history changing 
  1. The information on page 25 makes a lot of sense, America should think about this
  1. There’s no arguing with page 26 

16. The weight of page 27 is really going to have lasting impact

17. If you disagree with the evidence on page 28, you’re burying your head in the sand 

18. The reasoning of the entire raid and affidavit is not at all stupid and unimportant to national security 


God bless transparent democracy, ladies and gentlemen. And God bless America.