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Are we going to be okay? Biden’s speech and what it means for the Republic



Joe Biden’s first coherent speech of his presidency was to call his army of loyal sycophants to unite against his biggest political opposition in the name of defending democracy. Back lit in blood red and flanked by Marines, Biden pounded his fists and screamed outside of Independence Hall where our republic was once founded. Personally, I have never been more shaken by a real life American Presidential speech. 

To start, the imagery alone was a definitive choice to invoke the notion of a take over. To choose to give this speech standing at the location where the nation was founded is to imply that you are founding a new nation, and one that does not include political opposition. The blood red backdrop and the military escort only further implied the intent to intimidate. 

The actual transcript of the speech was an announcement of a new era. Joe Biden called America to “unity” but a unity which is specifically defined as one that agrees with his point of view. What he said was: agree with me or become an enemy of the state. If America all shares one voice and it’s his, then things will be a lot smoother and safer. He said that any questioning of election integrity is a threat to the fabric of democracy. That the act of holding election officials accountable and questioning the authenticity of an outcome – through even official channels or just through words – are calls to violence. To question your government is to be a violent threat to the country per Joe Biden last night. 

Joe Biden called out without question his number one political opponent and said he was a criminal and a threat to the country. He said all who support him are criminals and threats to the country. The question now is only if he will act on these claims and begin jailing those who support Donald Trump and oppose his reign. Never in my life did I think I would credible have to ask myself if a President of the United States is capable of mass jailing his political opponents. 

Are we going to be okay? I really don’t know. But now more than ever is the time to speak your mind and vocally support whoever you want to support and whatever policies you want to achieve. There is no universe where any act of voting is a threat to a democratic republic system. Be brave, and hang in there.