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BREAKING: Dem lawmaker arrested for murdering reporter who exposed wrongdoing 



Democratic Las Vegas elected official, Robert Telles, has been arrested on suspicion of murdering long time Vegas reporter, Jeff German. He was taken out of his home in a stretcher due to self-inflicted non life threatening wounds.

German was found dead at his home on Sunday, September 4, 2022 having been stabbed to death. In the following days, police were seen investigating the home of Clark County Public Administrator, Robert Telles in connection to the investigation of German’s murder.

Telles had recently lost his primary election after German had spent months investigating his improper behavior including inappropriate relationships with his staff and unethical dealings with other local officials. As it was becoming clear he would lose his primary, Telles posted a letter which German characterized as “angry” to his website (see June 19 posting) which accused German of dragging his name through the mud and which went on in fairly lengthy (and often incoherent) detail to discredit the claims against him as personal grievances and conspiracies. 

In the following days, Nevada’s insider gossip instagram run by anonymous tips from the staff who support the most powerful lawmakers in Nevada called @dearnevadastaffers released images which compiled several tweets from Telles about German around the same time he posted the letter of reproach to his website. 

While Telles appears to be the primary suspect at this time, German didn’t make a lot of friends with bad guys and was known as a fearless and relentless reporter who exposed major organized crime rings and frequently held a light up to Nevada’s most corrupt and most powerful individuals. He was one of the only reporters to continue reporting on the Las Vegas mass shooter and his suspicious cremation and woefully lacking autopsy report. He was the first and for a while only reporter to cover the shots fired by the shooter toward the airport instead of toward the crowd. 

Before making the arrest of Telles, police released this image of a suspicious person they believed to be connected to the murder of German. The individual is bizarrely and conspicuously dressed almost as if he wanted attention to be drawn to himself.  

The hat in the photo is one of the pieces of evidence along with bloody shoes and the presence of Telles’s vehicle at the scene that police cite as their primary reason for suspicion and the basis of their arrest. 

Whatever may have happened to Jeff German, the murder of a journalist is extremely rare and deeply problematic. It is another indictment of the state of America and the spiraling downfall of the republic under leftist Party leadership which has so deeply divided the country. 

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