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BREAKING: Tom Brady And Gisele Are Over



America’s Prom King and Florida’s precious baby boy, Tom Brady, and wife Gisele Bundchen have reportedly hired divorce lawyers indicating an end to their marriage. The couple was married in 2009 and have three children together and more importantly, seven Super Bowl rings. 

Brady is an American hero and patriot (Patriot also) who has been at the top of the NFL for 23 years. A long time friend of President Donald Trump, Brady is the high cheek boned epitome of the American dream. He has done so much for our hearts and homes that we even forgive him for being a vegan. 

Tom and Gisele have reportedly been having marital problems for a while. Speculation abounds at his retirement announcement followed by his decision to play another season. Gisele has commented that she and the children want Brady home more often and worry about the potential for injury. 

Love is hard and life can be disappointing. Marriages begin and end. Hearts are broken every day. But no matter what happens: At all costs: We must protect Tom Brady.

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