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Joe Biden says he’s Puerto Rican and here’s 10 other times he’s wildly lied.



In speaking about the response to Hurricane Fiona which hit Puerto Rico, Joe Biden claimed he was “raised by Puerto Ricans.” He definitely was not raised by Puerto Ricans.

Joe Biden is actually a compulsive liar and here are his most hilarious whoppers: 

  1. He went to the Tree of Life Synagogue after the shooting 

During Rosh Hashanah 2021, Joe Biden spoke to leaders of the Jewish community and noted that he visited the Tree of Life synagogue and remembered “speaking to” members of the synagogue during his visit which he claimed was in October 2018 directly following a shooting at that location which killed 11 people. 

He never visited the synagogue. Never spoke to patrons. The best he could claim was calling the Rabbi months after the shooting.

Biden has often claimed ties to Judaism which do not exist. While speaking to Jewish leaders during Rosh Hashanah, Biden said “I probably went to shul more than many of you did.” He then said “I’m not joking” when the crowd laughed. While Joe did visit Beth Shalom in his home town on more than one occasion, it was infrequently enough to be notable and the Rabbi -though friendly with Joe – has never been called on for spiritual guidance.

  1. He graduated top of his class 

Joe Biden has more than once repeated that he graduated top of his class but he actually was 506 out of 688 at University of Delaware for his Undergraduate degree with a C average. He was in the bottom of his class (76 out of 85) in law school as well at Syracuse University. 

  1. He has three college degrees 

Joe Biden claimed he had three undergraduate college degrees. But in reality he had a double major and a minor which is not remotely the same thing. In fact, that is only one degree. Perhaps this one he was just exaggerating. 

  1. He had a scholarship for school 

Joe Biden not only claimed he had a scholarship for law school but he claimed he was the ONLY student with a scholarship. He never had a scholarship. When asked about this he said he “misremembered.” Okay.

  1. He was a professor 

Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed that his vanity windfall job at University of Pennsylvania which included a title they literally invented FOR Biden so they could throw $1 million at him for no reason was him being a “full professor” at Upenn. He was absolutely never a full professor of anything at any time. He never taught a class. He has only given special guest speaking talks. 

  1. He was appointed to the Naval Academy 

Joe Biden not only claims he applied to the Naval Academy but that he received an appointment. There is absolutely 0 record of his application let alone appointment. In addition he claimed to have been appointed by a Senator in 1965 but he graduated from the University of Delaware in 1965 and the Naval Academy doesn’t give graduate degrees. 

  1. He played football in college

Joe Biden never played a single down of football in his entire college career and the University of Delaware says he was never on the playing roster. There is some dispute that he maybe signed up for the Freshman team but never showed up. He was never even on the varsity team. So it’s weird that he has repeated stories about playing for Delaware including specifics such as playing specifically against Ohio State.

  1. He was a truck driver  

Joe Biden has claimed to be both a tractor-trailer driver and an 18-wheeler driver. He was neither. He once rode in a truck with a truck driver when he was Senator. Nothing about either claim is remotely true. 

  1. He had cancer 

Joe Biden said that he had cancer along with loads of other people he grew up with. Joe Biden does not now and never has had cancer. He has had non-melanoma skin cells removed to ensure he didn’t get cancer. That is not equal to having cancer. 

  1. He was arrested with Nelson Mandela 

This is probably my favorite which is how he has repeatedly suggested he was arrested while supporting Nelson Mandela and opposing apartheid in South Africa. It simply never happened. Nothing even close. He was never allowed to even see Mandela in South Africa. He was never jailed at all in South Africa. 

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