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BREAKING: CO Dem gets caught recruiting 30,000  illegal voters



Democratic Colorado Secretary of State, Jena Griswald, admitted to sending voter registration packets to over 30,000 non-citizens. Griswald claims, now caught, that the voter registrations were sent on accident due to a “glitch” in the system which didn’t differentiate between residents and American citizens within the system.

When asked what would happen if someone who received one of these cards attempted to register to vote or to actually vote, Griswald didn’t think that would happen. No information has been reported on whether or not the “glitch in the system” was present when the DMV auto-registered all driver’s license holders to vote. 

Colorado is one of eighteen states who issues driver’s licenses to non-US citizens including illegal immigrants. 

In the past, Griswald has warned against all questions of election and even spoken on panels about threats to democracy. She indicated Republican leaders were trying to “steal the presidency” and that there was a large “Jan 6” happening in “slow motion.”  Her opponent this cycle for CO Secretary of State is Pam Anderson

The AP article detailing this crime and/or massive screw up called skepticism in the American election system “largely unfounded.” Its leaders like Griswald who truly prove that any question of rigging or fraudulent election results is tantamount to treason, insurrection and sedition.