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BREAKING: Is Biden Mandating The COVID Vax For Kids?



This week, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) quietly scheduled a vote to determine whether or not to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for children attending public schools.

The CDC’s advisory panel will make the decision with two separate votes TODAY.

1 vote will decide whether or not they add Covid-19 vaccines to the ‘Vaccines for Children program, which is a taxpayer-funded program that provides vaccines for free to children from families that can’t afford them.

The other vote will be on whether or not to update the 2023 vaccine schedule for children and adolescents. This is the list of vaccines required for children to attend public school.

It seems this move is an effort to combat the overwhelming majority of parents who have rejected COVID vaccines for their kids – because, you know, COVID is actually not a big deal for them.

Around 20% of kids under 12 have the vaccine currently. Biden (and Pfizer!) clearly want to pump up those numbers… but at what cost?