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Top 7 Wildest Political Texts



If you’re like me, you’ve gotten more texts from politicians running for office this October than from boys you’re trying to date/whatever your kids and stuff. I don’t usually mind them too much, game respects game and the party needs to hustle to get by. But lately, they have gotten really really weird. 

I haven’t seen messages this creepy since Congressman Ruben Kihuen dumped that lobbyist and she got mad.

Here are the weirdest one’s I’ve collected from the FPF team and friends: 

  1. Catalina wants to be your valentine 
  1. Marco Rubio is so sorry. So so sorry. 
  1. Val Demings is heartbroken and totally over this BS and lack of care 
  1. I’m not even sure what to say about Denise Meyer calling out man stealers
  1. These two came in one after the other and seem pretty rude tbh 
  1. Rachel M. is gay 
  1. Herschel Walker is going to be in and out 

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