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The Fake Spirit Halloween Costume Meme Is Giving Me Life! Here Are The Best Ones



In case you missed it, the internet abounds with hilarious fake Spirit Halloween costume bags and it’s the best thing the internet has done for October so far. 

Here are my favorites: 

  1. Smartest Guy Biden Knows 

  1. Gay Loser AND the subsequent hilarious misunderstanding 

The actor in the photo is Rhys Darby and his wife Rosie thought this was a real costume at Spirit Halloween and got very upset and contacted the company. LOL Rosie! Way to stand by your man tho

  1. Unhinged Vlogger

  1. Campaign finance staffer

  1. Failed Senator 

  1. Creepy Relative 

  1. Native American 

  1. Woodshop Teacher 

  1. Rachel Maddow 

  1. The Secretary of Transportation 

  1. Mostly Peaceful Protester 

  1. Jan 6 Committee Member

  1. Meme Page Admin 

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