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All the ways House of the Dragon is just Shrek 



If you watched House of the Dragon or have been following a lot of the online content you know that it was a pretty big hit. Somehow despite the catastrophically bad ending to Game of Thrones, viewers gave HBO another chance and it paid off.

But after the finale a lot of people noticed its striking similarity to another iconic fairytale. 

Some creative viewers put together a compilation of all the similarities. Here are all the ways House of the Dragon is really just Shrek: 


  1. Alicent Hightower has hella Fiona vibes
  1. Sick King croaks out last words
  1. This awkward dinner
  1. This triumphant aerial approach 
  1. The outdoor wedding of two lovers who look a lot alike 
  1. Breaking up the big ceremony with a Dragon and its rider
  1. This untimely end for a small, brunette, would-be-heir to the throne 

BONUS: Remember how much Jaime Lanister looked like Prince Charming in Game of Thrones? 

Here is the whole video of comparisons: 

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