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Trump Derangement Syndrome

President Trump’s Best Tweets REVEALED



Now that Elon Musk has restored President Trump’s official Twitter account, we can all take our holiday to scroll down memory lane at all the incredible things he would put into the world, amassing 88 million followers before his account was removed in 2020.

He’s already back to almost the 88 million he had before as all of us keep our fingers crossed that he will Tweet again. Maybe if we all promise to use Truth Social more he’ll come back?

Here are the best of the best: 

  1. Don Lemon is dumb 
  1. Foreign policy that I can get behind 
  1. Greta Thunberg the happiest and most stable of young women 
  1. The covfefe heard around the world 
  1. Sorry that you’re dumb, losers and haters
  1. Best wishes on September 11, haters and losers
  1. The self-deprecating jab 
  1. Barney Frank’s nipples

Context though:

  1. Calling out the bitter opportunists
  1. Megyn Kelly is NOT a bimbo 

Those are my favorites! Which Trump tweet do you love best?

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