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Trump Derangement Syndrome

BREAKING: Best Reactions To Trump’s 2024 Announcement



Last night President Trump announced he would be running for President in 2024. His haters really took it hard. Here are the funniest and best reactions to the announcement: 

  1. Jeb Bush Jr. who apparently exists and is embarrassing himself by thinking he can do nicknames 
  1. National Review couldn’t even form a sentence
  1. NPR forgot they were supposed to be nonpartisan journalists 
  1. The Lincoln Project showing how much decorum is important to them and how different they are from bad bad Trump man by insulting the physical appearance of their opponent and then calling him a clown
  1. Rob Reiner is still really hoping we start arresting political foes and dissidents in America 
  1. Corporate Media outlets absolutely shaking in their boots refusing to even SHOW President Trump speak 
  1. Liz Cheney who apparently keeps forgetting PRESIDENT Trump has definitely been more fit for office than her according to the American people
  1. New York Post be like “hello fellow youths” 
  1. Bette Midler was physically ill 
  1. Bette Midler was also mentally ill 

10. Elizabeth Warren accidentally tweeted her text to the FBI 

  1. D.L. Hughley thinking Colin Kaepernick lost his job for kneeling and not for being bad at football 
  1. Another political child  trying to use Trump’s own insults as her own and it’s sad
  1. Ben Shapiro’s inception level overestimation of Corporate media strategy. Don’t think so Ben! 
  1. IDK who this is but actually I do think this one was really funny 
  1. This hot take once again pretending the “grab em by the p*ssy” tape was literal. Ah, good times. Loved that tape.
  1. This critical thinker who is really hoping those empty folders pan out 

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