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We’re Going To TPUSA AmFest And Here’s Who We’re Excited To See



This weekend in Phoenix, Arizona, Turning Point USA (TPUSA) is hosting America Fest 2022 (AmFest) and FreePressFail is going to be there catching all the action. 

The event is four days long featuring a long list of notable speakers and entertainers not to mention the myriad of conservative influencers and political thinkers who will simply be attending. Check out the event details here.

Here is who FreePressFail is most excited to see: 

Charlie Kirk 

He’s the king of the whole thing so it’ll be fun to hear him talk about the vision.

Tucker Carlson 

Who wouldn’t be excited to hear from America’s favorite cable news host? The only thing better than watching his show every night at 8 pm will be seeing him in action live. 

Greg Gutfield 

Certainly the funniest in cable news, Gutfield is a favorite of the FreePressFail family and we actually got the chance to see him give a talk live a few years ago and he was just as good as you’d expect. We can’t wait for more hopefully with a little levity. 

Donald Trump Jr. 

Donald Trump Jr. never shies away from defending his family and defending America. Always a high energy experience with him. Plus his addition to the line up shows TPUSA isn’t buying into the whole “Trump is over” fake news narrative. 

Jimmy John Liautaud 

We freakin’ love Jimmy Johns. They always have the best diet coke mix in the fountain. The bread. The avocado spread. *chefs kiss* 

Harriet Hageman 

The woman who beat Liz Cheney is a woman I will give my attention to as thanks. I hope she dunks really hard.

James O’Keefe 

Project Veritas is one of the bravest organizations out there and no one is as disciplined in exposing hard truths than O’Keefe. Can’t wait to hear about his latest projects. 

Harmeet Dhillon 

A top conservative lawyer in a time where even defending against the leftist agenda and deep state is becoming criminal? Sounds like a speech I want to hear. 

Pastor John Amanchuckwu

Happy to see men of God invited to speak at the event. 

Alex Marlow 

Breitbart remains a bastion of truth and speech in a sea of fraud. Love to see it’s people being given a platform. 

Dr. Raleigh Washington 

I’m not familiar with Dr. Washington but based on the bio provided by TPUSA – I cannot wait to hear his story. 

And finally 


Raelynn is a phenomenal country singer with hits like “God Made Girls” and my personal favorite, “Rowdy.” Can’t wait to hear her live with our fellow country lovers. 

There are so many more great speakers and entertainers who will be coming to the event this weekend! If you’re not registered, you can still get tickets here. 

For the full event information and line up visit the AMFEST website!

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