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Is Hunter Biden’s Art Worth The Money? You Decide!



Hunter Biden, noted artiste, connoisseur of the finer powder things, aristocrat, and wearer of cool jackets is being featured at an upper-crust New York gallery, George Berges Gallery, with one of his beautiful paintings (I think paint is the medium idk) listed for $225,000. 

The sophisticated SoHo gallery is known for sales to the most elite American royalty and has only the finest taste and most reputable curators. So it’s that in the world of fine art that prices are arbitrarily set and defined only by the name of the artist right? There can’t possibly be an ethical issue with a sitting President’s son selling art because art is priced by quality and not by classist nepotism. Or is it?

Here are some examples of recently sold fine art pieces versus Hunter Biden’s $225,000 painting. You decide whether or not his art is priced based on its merit. 

Hunter Biden’s Untitled on YUPO #13: $225,000

Picture Depot @ Home Goods Geometric Wall Art with Frame: $29.99 

Marc Quinn’s HISTORYNOW.Kim at the Met Ball 2022: $250,000

Karen Field’s Pond Boho: $300 

FriendsWithYou’s FriendsWithYou: $200,000

Fred Crull’s CHIMU: $14,000

Andres Valencia (10 years old) Ms. Cube: $50,000

Amy Sherlad’s The Bathers: $4.2 million 

Pablo Picasso’s Nature Morte: $118,000 

What do you think? Is Hunter Biden one of the masters? Or is fine art pricing relatively arbitrary and Hunter is selling favor with the President?