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BREAKING: Biden’s White House Guest Is Absolutely THE WORST And Here’s Why



This week, Joe Biden invited a drag queen to the White House to celebrate legislation that officially recognizes same-sex marriage as law.

But something about Biden’s activist invitee, Marti G Cummings, is upsetting parents throughout the country…

Marti G Cummings is a drag queen and LGBTQ activist who was born male but frequently dresses as a woman. He identifies as “non-binary” which is annoying but that’s not even close to being the issue.

He has a long history of child-grooming behavior. Tweets have circulated that show Marty saying awful things like “The kids are out to sing and suck d!” and “anyone who thinks drag isn’t for children is wrong.” [I guess I’m wrong]

Cummings posted questionable images on Instagram, including this one with a young boy.

And a video of Cummings,in drag, mounting a table and singing the song “Baby Shark” to a toddler has been making waves on Twitter.

Is this really who we want to celebrate policy at the White House?