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TRUMP’S BIG NFT ANNOUNCEMENT: Why Are His Digital Trading Cards Actually Genius?



On Thursday, December 15, President Trump had a big announcement for his supporters which was that he was releasing special edition NFTs (non-fungible token, a blockchain form of digital art asset) to collect and to enter supporters into special sweepstakes. 

At first, I was confused. Who cares about NFTs anyway? Then I saw how hilarious they are. The left never understands how funny President Trump is and his appeal to younger, especially male voters who enjoy irony and trolling, and collective mischief. 

Here are the funniest Trump NFTs in the collection: 

There’s a new Sheriff in town

Out of this world leadership

Taking the highway to the danger zone 

Shake and bake


Being a super inside a wrestling ring does feel like an unfair advantage but I’m here for it

Donald Duck Hunter

Check out the full line and your opportunity to participate on the official website. I have absolutely no idea how NFTs work and this is definitely not financial advice.