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COVID CULT ALERT: Rep. Katie Porter Fires A Veteran For Being Sick



Just when we thought we’d finally shaken the cult of COVID-19 a simpering liberal can’t quite let it go. This time is Rep. Katie Porter who fired a staff member because she got Covid (obviously by no fault of her own) and didn’t adequately follow whatever insane Covid testing procedure Porter still has set up in her office. 

It gets worse. Porter conducted this firing through text message like a bad teenage breakup. So guess what Katie Kat? The obviously disgruntled former employee shared the texts with a gossip account “Dear White Staffers” which seeks primarily to expose the bad treatment of Congressional staff by hypocritical liberal bosses (they’ve totally written off conservatives which is fine by me – makes for a delightful account to follow). The texts reveal that Porter was really only mad because she herself got Covid and with the additional context of a leaked conference email, was embarrassed to be called out by her peers. She also seems to totally dismiss the pretty shocking personal tragedy her staffer seems to be going through (a murderer friend it seems). 

It actually gets worse: the staffer, named Sasha, is a veteran who was a victim of sexual abuse in the military and who worked to change policies to protect our women in service- a feat which Katie Porter publicly praised when she bragged about hiring Sasha. 

So despite Rep. Katie Porter’s repeated claims to support America’s workers, she doesn’t even treat her own employees – even veteran survivors of sexual assault whose friend’s have been recently murdered – with dignity or respect. In Katie Porter’s office – if you dare to be sick you are dirty and you are fired. Maybe if she didn’t ride her staffers so hard they wouldn’t feel like they absolutely had to be in the office if they didn’t feel well. I doubt we will ever know since whatever Katie will have to say for herself after this extremely embarrassing incident will almost certainly be insincere. 

The cult of Covid truly lives.