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BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy Isn’t Just A Regular Loser, He’s A Historic Loser



Kevin McCarthy has lost the first round vote for Speaker of the House in a historic failure making him the first candidate to have done so in 100 years. You did it, Kevin!

Kevin McCarthy spent the morning telling off his colleagues and deciding that blow hard puffery was going to be his final stand as he inevitably fails at his march to further his own power.

I mean seriously. At what point do you just step aside? Even if Kevin did somehow pull off a victory – he has proven to be an ineffective WHIP who will never be able to rally his conference around him in a real way. Whereas Rep. Steve Scalise from Louisiana (the suggested alternative to McCarthy) is wildly beloved by the entire conference and was the only thing that worked about Paul Ryan’s leadership team. 

Fun fact: while the House continues to debate and there is no Speaker of the House, the Senate Pro Tem is the third in line for the Presidency, which is Patty Murray from Washington. 

Congratulations to Kevin McCarthy on this momentous day. Forever there will be an asterisk next to his name for the time he spectacularly failed at becoming Speaker of the House.