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Who Is The Hottest Member Of Congress?



We’re ringing in the 118th Congress with about 70 fresh faces and I’m asking the important question which is: who is hot? 

Surprisingly, there are actually so many hotties. While the average age of Congress went up to 64 years old (third oldest since 1789, up from 58 in the 117th), there are still a lot of young, attractive elected leaders to inappropriately objectify and ogle. So let’s do it. 

See below the top 20 hottest hotties in the new body: 

Number 20: Rep. Stephanie Bice (R-OK)

Stephanie Bice might be a die hard Kevin McCarthy bestie but she is 100% pro-life and 100% hottie. If this was a list of best smile in Congress she’d be #1. 

Number 19: Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH)

Senator Vance is one of the new class for the 11t8th and he’s bringing up the hottie average. The best selling author and Trump favorite started sporting a beard a few years ago and it was the correct choice. Plus he has a hot wife and I make the rules of this list so hot spouses do count toward overall hotness. 

Number 18: Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX)

Dr. Ronny Jackson has style and swagger – not to mention the blue eyes. The trusted doctor and best friend of President Trump is HEALTHY and it looks good.

Number 17: Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL) 

With her background in broadcasting, Maria Elvira Salazar is a skilled beauty. She has the kind of polish that makes jeans look black tie. Maria has natural looks but she also seems like she actually cares about her appearance which is a lost art. 

Number 16: Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)

I have dedicated entire pieces on Jim Jordan’s hotness. From the square jaw to the broad shoulders to the principled ideology, Jim is a catch. He’s a Congressional 10 for sure for sure. 

Number 15: Rep. Russ Fulcher (R-ID)

Russ Fulcher is a sturdy brand of hot Congressman. He’s the kind of man who looks like he could be the Sheriff of an old timey western town in the best way. Plus, once again, super hot wife.

Number 14: Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL)

Kat Cammack is a curvy blond stunner who looks great dressed up and dressed down. Seemingly good friends with fellow Congressional hot girl, Lauren Boebert, Kat is like a Congressional homecoming queen. She’s a girl next door in a bombshell package. 

Number 13: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)  

Lil Marco was hot before being a Congressional hottie was cool. The OG RuBAEo is still one of the cutest boys in school. Plus his hot wife who can’t drive. And yes it does make two Floridians in a row on this list but Florida just produces a ton of hot people; its not their fault. 

Number 12: Rep. Garret Graves (R-LA)

Garret Graves is a long legged, floppy haired, Disney Prince who looks like he should be played by Jimmy Stewart in a movie about his life. He also has a very subtle southern accent which gives him a little mystery like “oh where are you from? Is that an accent?” Underrated Capitol hottie. 

Number 11: Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-IN)

The Ukrainian born beauty is one of the most credible voices calling for more oversight on the spending being spent on her former home. Victoria’s icey eastern European genes do her justice as one of the most uniquely beautiful in the Capitol’s walls. 

Number 10: Rep. Lori Chavez-DeRemer (R-OR) 

Lori has incredible cheekbones and gorgeous curves. She is enviably gorgeous. I mean, the woman can effectively wear jean shorts on the campaign trail. That’s basically magic. Plus she is one of very few Republicans representing Oregon.

Number 9: Rep. Julia Letlow (R-LA)

Number 9 is the curly haired charmer, Julia Letlow. Julia not only has the amber colored eyes of a teen vampire but she is the absolute queen of updos. Every girl looks pretty with her hair down, but the real Bettys look even better with it up. 

Letlow is also the brave widow of the former Congressman-elect of the seat where she serves who tragically died of complications related to his treatment for COVID-19 before he could ever take office. 

Number 8: Rep. John James (R-MI)

John James is a buff DILF (dad I’d like to FRIEND you perves) with cheekbones that could cut open a can of beans. His wife is also very pretty AND he has maybe the cutest kids in all of Congress. Good genes. 

Number 7: Rep. Max Miller (R-OH)

Yet another Ohioan (what’s in the water over there?) Max Miller has piercing blueish green eyes and a really pretty wife (Emily Moreno) who notably invented a dating app for Trump supporters. Gorgeous couple. Dream team. 

Number 6: Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL)

Greg Steube is an unsung Congressional hot guy. He’s got that great rugged type of look where it at least appears he could handle himself in a crisis. But he’s not bad in a three piece either. He looks like he and Paris Hilton believably were just at the same hot person function. (No idea what Paris was doing on Capitol Hill).

Number 5: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) 

Kyrsten Sinema’s bold sense of style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the body underneath is undeniable (respectfully?). The most attractive thing about Kyrsten is that she presents herself like she can hang and that is the kind of woman you want around. She also really pisses off the dems which is also the kind of woman you want around.

Number 4: Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL)

Katie Britt is a classic beauty with a face you could put on a Christmas card. She does well in red which is great for her party of choice and she actually is prettier in person than in a picture which is a major rarity. Katie has a mountain of a husband who is so tall they struggle to get them in the same photo frame. He is absolutely OBSESSED with Katie and you can regularly catch him looking at her like she’s a miracle. It’s adorable. They’re also always praying which is also cute. 

Number 3: Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL)

Byron may be #3 on the Congressional hottie list but he’s my #1 Congressional crush. Byron is a man of substance. He looks like the type who would make a lady feel safe at night. Gorgeous wife, gorgeous kids, he has it all. He also seems to glow from the inside out. 

Number 2: Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) 

Lauren Boebert is the famously gorgeous spitfire who drives the left absolutely insane. She is to them what AOC is to our side – which is extremely high praise. Lauren has style, flair, personality and a beautiful face. Another woman, like Senator Britt, who is prettier in person than in photo – Lauren is real deal gorgeous. 

Number 1: Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) 

Unbelievably, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna is not a former supermodel but is instead a former member of the United States Air Force. Luna is not only pretty, she is also principled. She backs outsiders, takes no BS from the liberal media and President Trump has called her a “great fighter.” Anna Paulina Luna is like America’s Gal Gadot if Gadot had a mind for politics.