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Mike Rogers Tried To Commit Political Violence, Now We’re Gonna Mock Him 



When Rep. Matt Gaetz held fast to his vote against Speaker (gag) Kevin McCarthy, one member of Congress, Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama, forgot to use his words. Ironically the last time the House floor came to blows was also around the last time there was a tough Speaker vote which was the era of the Civil War. 

Mike Rogers thinks he is a tough guy obviously and clearly condones political violence. And as the great Seth Dillon (CEO of the Babylon Bee) often reminds us, the best way to combat violent, tyrannical monsters is to mock them mercilessly. 

So Mikey thinks he’s a tough guy? Here’s what we have to say about that: 

The Mike Rogers attack spoilers with no context: 

Mike Rogers really wearing that toupee like: 

Same energy: 

Mike Rogers looks like he made the toy version of himself to hold his place in Congress and it went rogue:

This is the truth from Alex Brassfield: 

Mike Rogers tryna fight much younger men like: 

Why does Mike Rogers wear carrots around his neck? Why is no one else asking? 

Can’t wait for this show to come back thanks to Mike’s flawless audition: 

Mike Rogers is just standing up for party values: 

Let the Mike Rogers burn fest commence! 

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