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It’s Friday The 13th, You Spooky Bishes: Here Are 7 Lucky Tips For The Day



It’s Friday the 13th which means a day of magic, spiritual tinglies, spooky scaries and witchy power. Lucky for you I read tarot at parties, was once gifted a voodoo doll and like looking at stars and planet alignments so if that doesn’t make me a credible spiritual guide on this mysterious day, I don’t know what does. 

Here’s some powerful Friday the 13th tips and ideas you can take IF YOU DARE [insert witch cackle here]: 

  1. The moon is waning gibbous so wane and gib

On Friday the 13th the moon is magic. So you have to do what it says. A waning gibbous moon asks you to look inward and humble yourself. If you plan to enchant any objects in its light you will have to do so with the utmost humility. Say please and thank you to the moon.

It’s also a good day to make a wish on the moon. The waning moon isn’t as powerful as the full, but Friday the 13th is like a booster. 

  1. The origins of Friday the 13 being unlucky might come from Good Friday and Judas

13 people were at the last supper (12 disciples plus Jesus Christ) and one was Judas. Arguably, the 13th person. He betrayed Jesus with a kiss on the early hours of Friday when Jesus was killed. So what this means is: your haters might have a lot of power today so be wary of their sucking up. Also if you are a hater, today would be a good day to give em the ole kisseroo.

Or idk maybe it means go to Church, take communion and stop being a little shet. 

  1. The spirits are saying: movie night 

In my world, every night is a good night for a movie marathon. But Friday the 13th has so many great opportunities! You could do, of course, Friday the 13th franchise. But you could also do Freaky Friday marathon and watch all the versions. You have the 1975 Jodi Foster version, the 1995 Shelley Long version, the absolutely iconic Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis edition from 2003, plus some musical one on Disney+ from 2018. It’s an especially good idea if you need a place to hide from all the spooky magic in the air. 

Elite: Add Lindsay Lohan’s Just My Luck to any of your viewing selections. 

  1. Sexy magic is more powerful on women today

Friday is associated with female Goddesses and spirits like Venus. Also associated with sex. The number 13 in numerology is associated with growth [side eye]. So basically – getting with women will be magical thanks to the spooky spirits. So go on get it, you love sick little sons of bishes.

  1. Get that ink

Tattoo parlors have a tradition of offering discounts for tattoos on Friday the 13th. Its Tattoo black Friday. Many artists and shops do full marathons of tattooing to celebrate the festive occasion. Many offer steep discounts and fun special renderings. Here’s a list of some places participating around the country. No Ragrets!

  1. Break a glass

Apparently breaking a glass on Friday the 13th has the opposite effect as usual so it’s full of good luck vibes. That means it’s your chance to party foul on purpose or do that dramatic thing in movies where you chug the drink and then throw it down or against the wall in an emotional outburst. TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!

  1. Charge up a lucky charm or just eat lucky charms 

Friday the 13th is a night to make sure your charms are all charming. I’m not a lucky charm girl so much as a totem girl (items which hold emotional significance and can be strategically placed to remind us of those key emotions or spiritual connection) but I think it all applies. Whether it’s a lucky charm or a totem – revisit your favorites and recall their meaning. Give em a squeeze. Tuck one in your pocket. It’s your lucky night.

Or like…just pour yourself a bowl of that magically delicious cereal and live your best life. 

Good luck and happy spooky time Friday!

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