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According to an analysis by the Daily Caller, Vice President Kamala Harris appears to have avoided taking on one of the responsibilities given to her by the President – leading any public events on migration.

It has been almost eight months since Vice President Kamala Harris last addressed the issue of illegal immigration. In June 2022, Harris announced a plan to spend $2 billion on addressing the root causes of the issue and promised more funds for related programs, but since then, she has not made any other public statements on the issue.

It seems the veep has shifted her focus elsewhere. Instead of tackling illegal migration, Kam-uh-luh is dedicating her time to promoting abortion rights, participating in pointless “diplomacy” work, and emphasizing woke af diversity initiatives. (For example, Harris has held at least 28 meetings in the past eight months with state leaders to advocate senseless baby-killing after Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court in June 2022.)

It’s unclear if or when Harris will return to leading events related to illegal migration. Her top interest appears to be *promoting herself* more than anything.

The disgraceful VP has held numerous meetings with foreign leaders and has taken part in no less than 10 events for the Democratic National Committee.

But that’s not all.

Senator Harris also made the rounds as “chairman of the the National Space Council” (remember the embarrassing comments about what “space” really is??), promoted the harmful Inflation Reduction Act around the country, and advocated for totally-not-threatened LGBT rights, stupid climate issues, and even made a few campaigns stops before the midterms. This is all in addition to her most notable effort to appear at as many pro-abortion events as possible.

So she’s not MISSING – she’s just MISSING IN ACTION when it comes to the policies that affect America most.
It’s no secret that the Biden Administration has experienced record numbers of illegal immigrant encounters at our Southern border, and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported 250,000 such encounters in December alone. That number is the highest ever seen in U.S. history. To make matters worse, the number of CBP agents who have taken their own lives has increased due to this mounting crisis and the opioid crisis continues to grow, as fentanyl is smuggled across the border.

On Jan. 5th, prior to Biden’s visit to the Mexican border, he publicly announced he was “proud” of VP Kamala Harris for securing $3.2 billion in private sector funding for Central America- a mere drop in the bucket given how out of control the situation is becoming. Although Harris was asked to comment on her views regarding this increasing immigration challenge, she declined and instead opted to jump in and rescue Biden from any gaffes he made during his remarks about border strategy. (NOTE: she didn’t really help.)

The clock is ticking and something needs to be done quickly if we want any hope of solving this issue before it reaches epic proportions- both in terms of human life lost due to poverty, crime, and drugs crossing over into our country as well as loss of life from the agents risking it all trying to do their jobs amid this overwhelming immigration wave that shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

It’s time for Vice President Harris (and her team) to step up and provide tangible solutions if she wants people to take her role seriously when it comes down to making tough decisions on border policy going forward.