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YIKES! WTF Is Up With The New MLK Statue?



Modern art is a joke.

Boston’s newest public display has arrived to prove it – and it isn’t going over well with residents. 

Unveiled earlier this week on the Common, “The Embrace” is a bronze sculpture intended to honor Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King. However, its grotesque appearance has been anything but honoring – many are saying it’s downright creepy. 

It looks like a HUGE mistake. 

While some may appreciate the statue’s effort to depict love between the Kings, most have been pretty hard on the piece, finding it deeply unsettling. 

Tbh, it is hard to understand why such a bizarre work was commissioned to represent the esteemed couple, especially given that previous pieces honoring MLK and Coretta have proved much more aesthetically pleasing. 

(Literally, every piece is more aesthetically pleasing.)

When it comes to celebrating a loving partnership between two figures of history, this particular piece just falls short… and okay, yes, that is another size joke cause this looks like something else and YOU KNOW IT. 

Whether you think this tribute was ill-advised or simply a failed attempt at artistic expression, one thing’s certain: We won’t be seeing any serious tourist photos taken next to “The Embrace” anytime soon! Expect peepee jokes for the next century.