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HOT TOPIC: Let’s Talk About The Lady M&Ms



So Mars corporation put out a new marketing campaign for one of their flagship candy brands, M&M and it’s a bag with only the women cartoon m&m characters on the front, flipped upside down because the women m&ms are “flipping the script.” Someone in the Mars boardroom did think this was somehow a clever idea. It remains deeply unclear why they thought so.

There’s a lot to laugh at with the lady m&ms. Let’s break it down. 

First of all: I do not think I have gotten a straight answer on “what is a woman?” so idk how they can claim the candies are all women.

Chris Adams really captured the essence of this politically incorrect gendering of the candies.

I really think we need to clearly define which of the m&ms is transgendered or how can we even know that they are a viable representation of real womanhood? 

It’s definitely the purple one cause she has nuts. 

Which of these birthing candies is a woman of color? Because if none are bipoc then what is even the point?

If you say it’s the brown one you are a racist. 

The green M&M and the brown M&M are gay which is not absurd and does make the whole thing more credible. 

L is the elite part of LGBTQIA+++++. OGs. 

Ms. Green (as the green one is named) came out a long time ago but she really doubled down this year when she changed shoes.

Middle aged lesbian candies don’t have time for gogo boots. 

Tucker Carlson is concerned that the trans candy is overweight 

I disagree because tbh I think she is just shaped differently than the other gay birthing candies who are also fat. I think they’ve really always all been fat.

Some brave heroes are taking very serious and real stances in helping the community stop the rise of the candy womyn 

The Alpha Male is always here to help with grocery shopping. 

Wow not even gay, bipoc, trans, plus size candy women can make liberals happy?

If this M&M pack doesn’t single handedly replace the liberal thirst to kill babies I do not know what ever will. To be fair: the M&Ms do not appear to be disabled. Maybe if they tell us one has an invisible disability we can all finally be happy. 

There used to be rumors that the green M&M was an aphrodisiac but now if you eat any of these M&Ms you will turn into a soy boy. 

Adam Kinzinger reportedly loves these M&Ms. George Santos said so.

Weird choice not to make the lady bags pink.

If we’re pandering, let’s pander. 

Can’t wait to get my hands on a bag and I hear next month we’re getting all Drag Queen M&M bags which will be free for children under 10 years old!

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