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BREAKING: Big News On Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Troops



Well well well, looks like the government’s just changed its tune.

The Department of Defense officially decided to kiss their COVID-19 vaccination mandate goodbye. It was all fun and games back in August 2021 when Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin thought it was a good idea to make sure everyone was vaccinated, but now they’re having a change of heart. (Or is that just the myocarditis setting in?) After a year of legal battles, Congress finally stepped in and told Austin to reverse course.

This is GREAT news for military recruitment, which has been consistently lower since the mandate. It’s also great news for any troops who managed to remain unvaccinated without gettined fired yet.

Oh, if you don’t remember… the mandate resulted in at least 8,400 troops getting discharged for refusing to get the vaccine.

But don’t worry about them! There’s a plan… to do absolutely nothing for those affected.

To be totally clear: this decision does not mean servicemembers don’t need to get vaccinated anymore, it’s still being encouraged, it is simply no longer MANDATED. The vaccination status of a servicemember may factor into decision making regarding postings and duties.

So troops, don’t let your guard down yet, you still might get kicked out (unless Donald J. Trump is elected again in 2024).

And if you’re one of the ones who got discharged or had your career affected, too bad, so sad, no compensation for you (unless Donald J. Trump is elected again in 2024).