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BREAKING: Biden’s New Plan For Masks Is Absolutely OUTRAGEOUS



Hope you didn’t throw away all of your masks, because the Biden regime is still fighting in court to reinstate the federal mask mandate for air travel.

This is particularly insane considering that back in September, Joe Biden declared that the pandemic WAS OVER!

Now, here we are, in January of 2023, and he’s still trying to force-mask us while we fly.

A federal judge overturned Biden’s mask mandate in April of 2022 which lead to the major U.S. airlines lifting their mask requirements almost immediately. Nine months later, the Biden regime is just desperately clinging to power they deserved to lose.

The administration argued at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals this week on behalf of the CDC to reinstate mask mandates for air travel. They argued that “Wearing a mask was one of the most modest and most effective means available in early 2021 to combat the spread of COVID-19 and to allow air travel to resume safely. The CDC had the authority to issue this order and to do so, to make the order effective immediately and the district court erred in ruling otherwise.”

But, a judge pushed back against the Biden regime, saying: “The problem I’m having with your entire argument on this issue is that it seems like you’re saying the agency can just say we think this is a good idea [without proof].”

All this drama could not come at a more ironic time, considering the little “technical glitch” that grounded all U.S. flights last week and the December holiday meltdown that saw 16,000 Southwest Airlines flights get canceled on Joe’s watch.

Are we truly more worried about MASKS in planes than we are worried about PLANES ACTUALLY FLYING???

The bottom line is clear: the Biden regime is trying to control every aspect of our lives, even if it makes every part of our lives worse. Even if it makes no sense. Even if we think he sucks.

How pathetic.

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