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The ABSOLUTE BEST Reactions To The Eagles Big Victory This Weekend



The Eagles absolutely destroyed the Giants this weekend and people said and did some pretty hilarious things in response: 

  1. This gentlemen soaring like an eagle into the arms of his fellow fans
  1. The slappening
  1. This joyous South Philly celebratory dance
  1. This comparison to Giants defense 
  1. Eli Manning’s own nephew was wearing an Eagles jersey at the game
  1. But why did they have to go so hard? 
  1. Did the Giants get Thanosed? 
  1. This is what the game looked like in Australia 
  1. At what point is that much victory actually bullying? 
  1. They really took a pounding
  1. The Philly’s own social media had some fun with the three victories 
  1. A bit of a one sided brawl 
  1. Some so far unseen footage of gameplay 
  1. Giants came in hot thinking they had it but (NSFW) 

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