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IRONY ALERT: FBI Agent Who Started Russia Probe Has Been Arrested… For Ties To Russia 



Retired Senior FBI Counterintelligence agent, Charles McGonigal, was arrested on charges of U.S. sanction violations and money laundering for his close financial ties to Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska. McGonigal was famously one of the first in the bureau to pursue the (now totally debunked) “Russian ties” campaign against President Trump and his associates. 

Allegedly, Deripaska had been paying McGonigal and other associates to investigate his personal rivals.They had allegedly been using shell companies to hide the transactions. Deripaska is a known close ally of Putin and a known criminal who the United States has already charged with illegal wiretapping of a government official amongst other financial crimes. McGonigal would have been well aware of these charges and his closeness to Putin considering his position at the FBI. 

Seems like the deep state was hitting a little too close to home with their fake Trump/Russian collusion concerns.

Keep in mind that McGonigal has not been proven guilty in a court of law and when you cannot trust federal law enforcement, you can’t ever trust them even in the cases against themselves. 

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