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BREAKING: WTF Did Mike Pence Do Wrong?



Looks like Mike Pence is trying to steal the spotlight from Joe Biden’s classified information debacle. The former VP, who swore on a stack of bibles (I assume) in November 2022 that he never took any documents home, has now conveniently DISCOVERED some classified documents in his Carmel, Indiana home.

The media is OUTRAGED!

But let’s not be fooled.

This is just a distraction tactic from the Democrats who are trying to shift the focus away from Joe Biden’s failure to properly handle classified information.

Pressure is on Mike Pence to come clean and give us all the juicy details on why he took those documents home. But if we’re gonna play that game, let’s not forget that Joe Biden should do the same.

We can’t just play this game of “pass the hot potato” with classified information.

So far, President Trump is standing by Pence with this statement posted on Truth social.