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Oh, look who’s playing nice with the Communist Party now! It’s none other than our beloved Disney, who’s chosen to censor their content rather than ruffle any feathers in China.

Shocking, I know.

Let’s talk about the episode that got yanked from the streaming service, shall we?

“One Angry Lisa,” which aired in October 2022, has Marge taking a virtual exercise class on the Great Wall of China.

Sounds harmless enough, right?


Because in 2020, China decided to tighten their grip on Hong Kong by passing a new ‘National Security Law’ which basically ruined civil liberties, freedom of speech, and Hong Kong’s autonomy.

A little birdie told Axios that Disney was afraid of getting in trouble with the law if they aired the episode. which has the Simpsons-version of Cody Rigsby commenting “Behold the wonders of China: Bitcoin mines, forced labor camps where children make smartphones.”

Apparently, that little quip is enough to have the biggest entertainment company shaking.

But they’re probably overreacting entirely and bowing to the CCP for NO REASON.

According to Kenny Ng, an associate professor at the Academy of Film at Hong Kong Baptist University, the island’s film censorship program, enacted in 2021, “does not apply to streaming services,” which means any episode of the Simpsons airing now, in 2023, should be fine.

Disney’s lawyers apparently do not think this, or they just love commies.

Let’s not forget, this isn’t the first time Disney’s bowed down to China.

They pulled another Simpsons episode that referenced the Tiananmen Square massacre, where the CCP had the army kill protestors. (Talk about erasing history.)

And do we even want to discuss the live-action remake of ‘Mulan’ that was filmed in Xinjiang, where Muslim Uyghurs are basically slaves?

So much for standing up for what’s right, huh Disney? So much for standing for social justice!

How do they censor tiny jokes like this but think their civil rights are violated in America when parents suggest that maybe DRAG QUEEN STORY HOUR is inappropriate for children?