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BREAKING: My Hero Bethany Hamilton Stands Up For Women In Sports



Bethany Hamilton spoke up against the transmafia forcing biological male inclusion in women’s surfing and will no longer compete in the World Surfing League as long as the rules continue to allow biologically male competitors in the female categories. This is a woman who continued to compete in surfing after a shark bit off her arm while she was surfing as a teenage girl. So if she thinks something is serious enough to step away, it seems like that’s pretty credible. 

I have long been obsessed with Bethany Hamilton, Soul Surfer. If you know me at all, you know I bring her up all the time and for no particular reason. As a fellow Christian and lover of the sea, I have felt kindred to and looked up to Bethany despite the fact that I am 0% athletic and so afraid of sharks that I can’t really swim in the ocean when it’s not crystal clear. Here are some examples of my longtime fandom: 

Her core strength both physically and metaphorically is next level.

Bethany ranks really high up with Monica Lewinksy and Hillary Duff as aspirational females.

Oh Bethany Hamilton has nothing to do with Wakanda Forever? Wrong.

Bethany has never been a political person and she has always been a deeply compassionate and kind person. Even when she competed on the popular television show, Amazing Race, she and her husband did so with integrity and good spirits. For her to take a stand on such an explosive issue would have taken a great deal of courage. As a super fan, I am certain she would never have done so on the basis of opposing lifestyles or people for who they are but instead because she genuinely believes it is an unjust action for women in her sport. 

More and more the trans community has pushed around biological women. They and the progressive left have tried to gaslight biological women into believing there is no advantage to being biologically male competing in a female category when we all know, factually and scientifically, that there is an advantage. The entire purpose of creating and protecting female sports was so that biological born women would have a space to compete. If there are not any advantages to being biologically male, then why can’t everyone just compete in one non-gendered category? If males – no matter how many hormone treatments they take – are not constructed by God with more muscle mass than women making them stronger and faster, then why can’t we just neutralize everyone’s hormone balance and everyone just do one sport? And moreover – why then can transmen not take testosterone to compete equally with men in male categories for sports? 

Typical of these movements, it’s women who are being erased by men with the radical trans movement. Women like Bethany Hamilton who pioneered her sport and worked despite a tragic loss of limb to stay competitive are not unable to fairly compete because someone’s feelings might be hurt if we acknowledge the science of their reality.

We need more heroes like Bethany Hamilton to be fearless and brave and take on the patriarchal erasure of women in competitive sports which is being promulgated by biological males and their progressive allies. One can identify as a woman and not have the arrogance to believe that identity changes the truth of their biology. One can identify as a woman and not demand a trophy be taken from someone else to validate them. 

Bethany received a lot of support on her post but she received a lot of hate too. I, for one, will be closely watching to see if her brand sponsors such as Rip Curl make the right decision to back her freedom of speech and freedom to make choices in her sport or if they will cave to the progressive mob who preaches nothing but compliance with their whims.

Free Press Fail stans Bethany Hamilton (as we always have) and encourages you to buy her film, Unstoppable (which is genuinely very cool) here or her new children’s book here.